Happy New Year

Yet another year has passed, how many of you have actually followed through with your New Years resolution from last year? I can honestly say that I did, for the most part I was able to actually follow through with my resolution. I became a more positive person and started eating healthier.

More home cooked meals and less take out was my number one goal, and its been great not only for my health and the health of my family but my wallet has definitely thanked me too. I have also been thinking more positive and taking time to think before I react to situations. Its not really the situation for the most part that is negative but how we react to it.

So, New Years resolutions for this year……………. maybe I will just continue to fine tune my resolutions from last year. God never made any of us perfect so there is always room for improvements. I will however add that I would love to attend church more and strengthen my relation with Jesus.




I'm a Wife and Mother of 5 children, I've never done anything great that would make me stand out and even if i had I would hide from the attention. I love to try new things ie; cooking, baking, macrame and D.I.Y. And new to the list is quilting. I love starting projects and seeing the outcomes unfold in front of me.

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