You have no Idea

I’m a pretty easy-going person, I’m grateful for the this I have and I work hard for the things that I want. I try very hard to teach my children to be the same way. I’m also a very considerate person, I very carefully consider who you are and what likes and dislikes you have if I know you personally then I’m usually spot on. So I guess that’s where I now recognize my naivety, I should have never assumed that even though you’ve known me for 10 years that you would know who I am and what I like or dislike.

Being asked what I want for Birthdays or Christmas I never like answering cause I don’t want to come off as being Spoiled or greedy, so I vaguely answer thinking that it would be enough to have an idea of a good gift because you should know me well enough to know that I don’t do pink especially hot pink! Or to know that I’m 35 and maybe a little to young to be shopping in the 55+ fashions. sorry not trying to offend anyone. Not by any means trying to sound ungrateful either just need to vent i guess cause I don’t have anyone else to talk to about it.

Anyway I know I can’t wear the clothes in the picture above I’m just not that tiny but I plan on doing a lot of hard work to help me loose some weight so that I can fit into the style that I like. It’s depressing waking up every day to through on some old t-shirt and a pair of sweats cause nothing else fits right. Maybe someday you’ll finally get to know me and the things that I like, rather then trying to turn me into someone that fits into your style or who you think I should be.

Somethings about me that you don’t know; I used to be very skinny because I i was anorexic and depressed and just wanted people like me and stop telling me I wasn’t good enough, At age 17 I tried I finally was a healthy weight and become a model for a short period of time but I quit because Competing for popularity has never been my thing. My Biggest secret…..To this day I just want to find that one really good friend that I can tell anything to with out being judged or looked at like I’m crazy or not normal. I just want someone to want to know me for who I am and not who they wish I was. Most of all someone who isn’t gonna pretend to like me just to suit their purposes.



I'm a Wife and Mother of 5 children, I've never done anything great that would make me stand out and even if i had I would hid from the attention. I love to try new things ie; cooking, baking, macrame and D.I.Y. And new to the list is quilting. I love starting projects and seeing the outcomes unfold in front of me.

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