I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I miss being able to go to work, I miss contributing to our family and our life goals. I’ve looked everywhere online for a work from home type job. You know the ones where companies actually hire you to do really work and you get a real pay check. Well none of them turned out to be real so I decided to try my hand at internet marketing and rather then putting my hand in the cookies jar to test it I kinda jumped in both feet first. I’ve started a couple different things and I’m learning new things everyday and liking it so far.

First I joined MLM Gateway an online marketing platform. Sense I’m already a Scentsy Rep I was able to get my name out there and generate new leads for that, both in customers and new teams members. Best part of that is that it is free to join and I can get paid through MLM just for advertising why not!! that’s free money for me and unless I want to pay for premium, which I haven’t done at this point but I might think about in the future it will continue to be free. https://www.mlmgateway.com/?refcode=3328721

Second I signed up for easycash4ads, it really is just that too! Easy cash. 19.00 USD one time fee for a life time of free advertising. doing not to bad there also, and all I need for that is paypal which I had already anyway. http://www.easycash4ads.com/h.scoff

Third and the one I’m most excited about is USI-Tech Bitcoin investing, both my husband and I jumped into this one. We each purchased 2 bitcoin packs valued at 50.00 GBP each, its works out to approx 81.00 CAD and approx 64.35 USD. It was free to set up an account and on your dashboard you get to watch your investment grow over the course of 140 business days. and you get to collect automatic re buys so your packs are multiplying every few days depending of the number packs you have. http://77bc8453.usi-tech.info/

In the world of internet marketing I confess I’m a newbie but so far I’m liking it and I’ve received commissions in all three so it can’t be that bad. All three have great potential to make a lot of money and replace my working income and that’s what I set out looking for so I’m doing something right.

I’ll keep you posted, Have a great day ❤


I was thinking of going back to work, Doc said I could try a 3-4 hour shift. Unfortunately in my job that is not even a possibility. My job requires me to be on my feet for 6-8 hours at a steady fast pace, with very little sitting. So I decided to try something else. My Husband and I took the kids to the Zoo instead, we were there for 3 hours walk a slow steady pace, stopping often to take pic or rest my legs or eat lunch. It was very tiring and I was exhausted by the time we finished. By they night I was in so much pain I could hardly stand myself, all I could was lay in bed crying while I was waiting for my pain meds to kick in. It took me nearly 3 weeks to recover for that wonderful family trip, one I would do all over again just so I can see the kids excited faces.

So now I’ve spoken the my Doctor and I’m aware that that I cannot return to my job, What do I do to help support my family??? I continue everyday to look for that perfect desk job and will allow me to sit more then run around, Unit Clerk? Marketing? Work from Home jobs? I feel like I’ve hit a point where I’m feeling a bit desperate, I love my kids and I love my Husband more then anything but I also loved going to work.

That desperate feeling I mentioned, ya I actually signed up for a few things. None of them paying off of course, all of them needing me to recruit people and not one person is will to join me. So now not only am I a desperate house wife wishing I could work and contribute I’m an internet marketing recruiter that can’t convince people that making easy money is a really thing. Talk about feeling miserable, It really affects your confidence in yourself………oh I forgot to mention Investing. How does one hope to achieve properly investing when by the time your paid the bills and fed everyone you have nothing left to invest with…… I’ve lost my head.

I guess on the to better things, like finding a house that doesn’t cost an arm and leg in rent, preferably a small farm or acreage for my poor dogs can actually be outside with the neighbor calling the cops because they barked at some kid walking by or was it a car I cant remember but really that’s another story for another day.