OMG I made it to the basement

So last night I ventured into the basement to asses the mess… the living room was actually not that bad except that the kids had stuffed a bunch of crap under the couch instead of actually putting it away. The bedroom BAHAHAHAHA that was the opposite there was dirty laundry and toys everywhere…. My Happy Bubble just popped and to make it even better my hallway looked like it belonged to a hoarder OMG I’m so embarrassed. I decided to just get started right then and there. I managed to collect the dirty laundry with the help of the boys and then we started to pick up the garbage off the floor, but I ended up having to stop because there was also a lot clean laundry that had not been being put away.   So for the next few hours all I did was sort through the dressers and take out the stuff that no longer fit or was to full of holes so that I could actually put the clean stuff away. I know I’m picky but I may have gone over board a bit because I actually separated my youngest sons shirts into three drawers, 1. short sleeve T’s, 2. button up shirts and dress shirts and 3. long sleeve shirts……. That was my night last night and exhausted me although I did move the one dresser out and replace it with a better one, that was my physical labour for the day.

This morning I had my coffee and then got back to dungeon I went with my second cup in hand, I got the kids to come help me get the two broken dressers out of the room and up to the garage. Then I had two small book shelves I had to bring down to put between the two beds, I so love the fabric storage bins omg they are a life saver. I was so not looking forward  to having every little tiny toy sitting on the shelves but now they are all hidden and out of the way. I do nee to bring down a couple little dividers for two if them but that not a big deal. I can’t take all the credit for a job well done because I had a lot of help from my Mother in Law, she was amazing to drive 2 hours to come help me clean the boys room for the day. That would have taken me three days to finish that room working by myself so it was very much appreciated.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I’m planning on doing the hallway and loading the garbage up to the garage. I got two full bags out of the boys room and I’m sure that there will be a lot more before I’m done. the giant box of toys that I purged was also well worth it. My kids have way too many toys, over the next couple weeks and as we get into a better routine I’m sure I’ll get rid of more. Anyway I’m off to get kids ready for bed, have a great night everyone and keep smiling ❤


Haven’t made it there yet

Still haven’t made it to the basement and it really isn’t for lack of trying, My anxiety for not having everything perfect will not let me continue on. I needed to get my organizers for the snack cupboard and for the desk drawers, Dollarama your a life saver!!! my Snack cupboard looks amazing and my desk looks great too, I actually ended up getting rid of even more stuff so it was a win win. Honestly the basement isn’t going anywhere and I know I’m gonna make it there but I just want the main floor to be perfect before I start somewhere else. I still have a pile of stuff in my entrance that I would love if someone would just come take it away and unfortunately its just not happening and yes it keeps growing, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years and I should have done this a very long time ago.

I’m so glad that I have actually started to get this all done, I’m getting into a routine of having my two cups of coffee in the morning and then getting to work finishing my house. although it is taking longer then I wish it would it is still getting done, and I’m forming the habit of the routine so that I will always make sure something is always getting done. All of this is good because in the last few days a lot of things have changed, first my kids schools have changed and they will now have to take an hour long bus ride to and from school. That means that our morning routine will have to change so my trip to the dollar store made that easier because my I have enough lunches premade for 2 weeks and that means that the kids get to just put it in their lunch kits when the time comes. Now we have to wake up and hour earlier then before so the kids bedtime routines will change too, meaning earlier to bed. My fourth child is in kindergarten and instead of going Monday Wednesday and Friday she now goes everyday all day, I predict a few naps on the bus ride home. We have a week and a half  to get into the routine so that its not as big of a shock to the systems, and we are all very excited.

No matter how slow its happening I’m so grateful that it is happening and I know that it will get done and the habits that are being formed in the process are life changing in a good way. Things don’t always work out the way we want them too, I prayed so much to get my kids out of the school that they are in and for us to be in a town that had a good school. Although we are not moving at this point the kids get to go to a better school and I’m so thankful for that….

Have a great day everyone!!!

what day am I at!?!?!?!

I have totally and completely lost track of what day I’m on, it probably has more to do with the fact that my bedroom was so completely overwhelming that it too me two days to actually do it. I got done about half of it yesterday and then I lost all motivation and just wanted to sleep, That wasn’t even in the realm of possibilities but I couldn’t get my momentum back so I was done for the day. I finished it today and wow it looks so nice, i can barely tell its my room anymore. Its insane the amount the garbage that a person can hold on to, I took a full large garbage bag of trash out of there and I didn’t even know most of it was in there.

My bedroom seems to be the room in the house that everyone thinks they need to put stuff if they don’t know where it actually goes. Not sure how that happened or when it started but I need to find a way to put an end to it  before it ends up back the way that it was. I admit I have a lot of stuff but I’m not hoarder by any means, I know when to throw stuff away and how to be reasonable, but if I can’t see something then I forget that it exists and it just sits there until I come across it or remember it is there. Hence the whole reason I’m here today doing the massive declutter of my house that I’m doing.

I have accumulated a pile of stuff in my entrance way that needs to go to good will or somewhere other then my house, but aside from that my upstairs is officially done! My pain level is sitting at about a 9 so I’m done too for today, I’m gonna make a snack for baby and I to eat when she wakes up and then pick a Disney movie to sit and watch with her so I can put my legs up and get ready for tomorrow. My venture down stairs is bound to be an interesting one, I was down there the other day to get something and I felt like a cartoon character with my eyes popping out of my skull when I seen the mess. One day at time my house will get done and one day at time I will teach my kids to help me a bit more then they currently do.

I think that somewhere along the line of me getting my illness my kids thought I would never be going down to the basement again, and I think that if I ever do end up moving I need a house that has no basement but still has the rooms and space equivalent to the basement. does that make sense???

take a day or two…

So Saturday was pretty much a write off, I got done my basic stuff like wiping counters and bathrooms and I swept but other then that I got nothing done. Company came in  the afternoon and  we had a great visit, by the time they left it was time to cook supper and then after supper I just felt totally exhausted so I watched a TV show or two and went to bed so we could be up in the morning. Sunday we got up and got ready and went to church and it felt so go to go, the weather has been crap and we haven’t been able to go for what seems like forever. The Sermon we amazing and see so many people even felt good, I actually felt human and I enjoyed it immensely. We went for lunch at my cousins house and the kids got to play so they were happy and it was just an all around amazing day. That being said I got absolutely nothing done yesterday because we didn’t get home until you guessed it time to cook supper. Being a human and interacting with people is a lot more tiring then anyone would actually think. By the time we finished eating I was mentally and physically so tired It was all i could do to get the kids bathed and ready for school today. I thought I was gonna watch an episode of my fav show but I fell asleep, thank god for pvr so I can try again tonight.

So today is a redo of day 6 and only because I didn’t get to finish it so I can at least get the laundry room done this morning and then after my chiropractor appointment this after noon I can finish my room. Then I will be finished with the upstairs and ready to tackle the basement. My goal is to get it done in a week, its pretty bad down there but a week but should do it.

It feels so good to get things done but don’t over work your self and always remember to take a day of rest even if it turns into two, just remember to get back at it so that you don’t loose your motivation. that being said I’m off to get back at it before i loose another day. have a great day everyone

Declutter days 5 and 6

Day 6 was a lot of work I got my girls bedroom finished and the furniture rearranged, I had to call in help cause I was feeling very overwhelmed in there. Even with two of us in there it took six and a half hours, I took two full garbage bags of garbage, two full garbage bags of stuffies and three boxes of donation toys.

Their dressers where another job in its self and they actually took most of day 5 to finish both of them. They each have a ton of clothes and so having a heaping garbage bag full each for donation impressed me, because now their laundry all fits in the dressers. Its not a wonder I always have so much laundry.

Two rooms left on my main floor and I should be able to get them done in one day however I only half a day today and half a day tomorrow as I have company coming this afternoon for a couple hours and I will be going to church in the morning and wont be home tell the afternoon. I think that time management should be next life lesson so to speak, I have so much that I want to do and I never seem to have the time.

gonna finish my coffee and get done what I can while I can, Hope you have a great day and I’ll  keep you posted as to how this actually takes to finish these last two room. Then the basement fun begins, and my boys are pack rats and don’t get rig of nothing so this should be really fun. any ideas or tips would be great………

declutter day 3 and 4

I’m still here nothing has fallen over on me crushing the life out me, at least not yet anyway. it been a busy couple days and wow my kitchen, bathrooms, living room and hallway closets look amazing!! However it ends rights there, my entrance has a pile of boxes and bags in it that are set to be donated and my kids rooms look like a cyclone went through. Day three was a very short day as I had multiple appointments that I could not miss so the hall closets got done and there is isn’t much to my living room except two cupboards so it was an easy day. Day four I had a mountain of laundry that REALLY needed my attention so my daughter and I were laundry ninjas together and we got most of it done. and I got the babies dresser sorted out. Only 4 months late but here its not like I could do a whole lot so I forgive me and its done now. I also got some great use out of my vacuum cleaner and I think i would really one of those robot vacuums, I mean who would want a robot maid I’ll even call it Rosie.

So today is day Five, and wow I feel amazing and my mood is getting so much better then it was these few weeks. Today I have given 45 mins to getting the “school mess” cleaned up, you know the mess you get from making lunches for 4 out of 5 kids, the PJ’s that they left on the floor and breakfast dishes. I got bathroom wiped down and more laundry switched and folded, I even sprayed down the laundry machines and cleaned them off. So while the baby is sleeping I plan on sweeping and mopping and then heading into my girls room, I predict it will be this room or my son’s room and I’m crushed to death. I’m not planning on being done the girls room today its bad in there, it needs emptying out and furniture moving around and everything. Reinforcements are coming tomorrow so I’m pretty excited about it.

Fresh pot of coffee made, music turned up and I’m off to the eye of the storm……….

Declutter day 2

Wow I know I have a lot of stuff, I mean really there are after all 7 of us in our family. I actually really happy to say that I feel the Kitchen was a success, I managed to fill two and half fair size boxes of stuff we never use. That isn’t even counting the two garbage bags of stuff I threw in the trash. Ya it was a big job and I stuck to it and even though it took me almost 5 hours its done, and all I had to do this morning to finish it off was the fridge and freezer because at the end of the five hours i was in agonizing pain and still had to cook supper.

So today I’m not going to go quite so crazy and I’m wiping down the cupboard fronts and doing the floors. with breaks in-between. I have also done a speed cleaning in the living room so that it wont become overwhelming when its time to start in there, but first the porch because who needs three pairs of shoes or boots out at one point. I need some shoe boxes or something. might be making a stop at the dollarama tomorrow after my appointments.

I now its just the beginning and i have a lot of work ahead of me but I find it amazing how much its lifted my mood and making me feel better both health wise and emotionally. Thank you so much to for posting your videos and helping know where to start and gain control of my house again.

See you tomorrow with an update on the porch and the living room, have a wonderful day and stay warm…………

















what is this declutter…….

being totally honest and real, my house looks like a child’s war zone. there are toys from my 1.5 year old and other kids everywhere. dirty laundry that I swear falls from the sky and random garbage because who uses the trash can these days. long story short I have a big job to do and its overwhelming and I don’t know to start.

You tube is such a great tool, I just hope I can stay on task long enough to do what this great lady if telling me to do. I fear that if I don’t do this now I be lost in the mess and I wont find my way out. I’m getting lost in thought here, I was sitting here watching ways to take control of my house again and get it organized and decluttered and I can see the end product in my head and I love it.

I have been a lazy person by any means and I’ve always enjoyed cleaning my house to some extent, but after I got my clots and I was unable to do anything it all got away from me. Yes my kids helped me but they are kids and yes they should have their chores but they should not be expected to deep clean the house! So here we are 16 months post clot and I’m still restricted in the amount of activities I can do and its showing on my poor house. the You tuber I’m watching said it best ” the dust bunnies murdered the cleaning fairies”

One day at a time, one room at a time I will get through this. I will find my groove again and I will get my house back. If you dot hear from in a day or two with an update it might be best to send a search party…….

Day 1- The Kitchen

15 mins per task starting with under the sink, then the food containers cupboard, the pots and pans/baking ware, coffee mugs, utensils, knife drawer (death drawer), and then the fridge and freezers. finished off with wiping everything down.


see you tomorrow with an update………….I hope











Call me Truman

I feel like I’m about to repeat myself but its bugging me so I’m going to say it anyway. I LOVE looking at real estate in other provinces or states even other countries, seeing how different other peoples houses and lives look. I love imagining what it would be like to be walking through a certain house as if I am purchasing it, who would be in what rooms, where the furniture would all go.  I even like filling in the calculator to see how much the approx. payments would be each month. I have no idea why I like it so much because it if ever actually came down to moving away from the area I live in I would have a major anxiety attack and call the whole thing off. There is always some excuse as to why I’m unable to leave the area. Sure I could handle being with in an hour or less radius but outside of that I truly do feel like Truman I’m afraid of the water, I’m afraid of drowning.

I know there is more out there, there has to be more to life then sitting here day in and day out. I want to live somewhere warm, I want to be able to do things as a family. I want a house that’s big enough for all of us and our stuff. I want to be able to say I want to move to a completely different place and not be afraid of drowning in my own anxiety, I want to meet people and actually develop friendships and not be afraid I’m alone.

How cool would it be to be able to move to another place? I’m tired of freezing in the winter, I’m tired of listening to peoples negativity, Tired of feeling like I’m not meant to be here but I cant leave here. I know a lot of people or Facebook says I do. I know their faces, I know their names, some of them I went to school with others I worked with. But I don’t know if I can call them friends. I mean they don’t talk to me other then the odd comment or like, I can count on both hand how many of them actually talk to me in person and they are all family. to actually have someone say they know me because they went to school with me……hahahah even in school I was a loner and really didn’t have friends.

I’m so tired of seeing the exact same thing everyday, the same people that in my opinion would just as soon push into a tank full of man eating sharks if it got them a dollar. I want to move, but I don’t want to move 20 minutes up the road. I want to go somewhere I’ve never been, somewhere I can meet people and make friends and raise my family and be happy. Most of all I want to be able to do these things with out being afraid that it will fall apart and Ill have come running back like a bird that couldn’t leave the nest.

Just call me Truman……..the water is too deep.










know your allies

So about a month ago my husband and I decided it was time to get a new van, we got a call from a dealer tat we had previously spoken with and they said they could get us an approval. We went in to talk business, I thought it was pretty great considering that my van that I did have was on its last legs and I cant be with out one. Long story short they got us a van and not just any van but almost exactly what we asked for. the color was not right but hey its just a color right? we said that as long as is had Stow and go seats, a DVD player and Bluetooth it would be fine. The dealer told us that it would have all those things but that they would have to install the DVD player as it was not included. ok great we have 5 kids and I cant be with out one its a deal breaker if these three things are not included in it. Awesome we finally got the van we wanted and the bonus is it was brand new. So we headed home to wait and it seemed like it took them forever, it was 11days to be exact and it was finally deliver to the house. Little did I know that was the day the fun started, DVD player check, sound what sound? it doesn’t run through the speakers at all or look they sent head sets (only 2 pairs) really?!?!?!? great now I have kids arguing about who gets to watch the movie this trip or the next. Oh look I get stow and go compartments but no seats to stow in them, just a bench that does nothing and the head rests are so huge that the kids cant see the DVD screen that they cant hear. and what do you know there is no Bluetooth and the windshield has a rock chip in it.

Try to imagine my face at that point. I had an appointment in town the day after it got delivered, just as I thought the fighting about hearing the movie started. So I emailed the dealer and he said that we had to go buy our own head sets (say what!) nope I called the manager, Mr. Manager said no that’s not right we will be buying you 3 more sets so sorry about the mix up. I told him that the bench was wrong and that there was not Bluetooth either and he said that he was pretty sure they don’t make stow able seats anymore so we would have to deal the bench. I told him to google the van they do make the seat and I do want them. The baby had to be put behind me where I cant see her because the kids were getting tangled in her seat belt when they get in the van. he said he would look into it and to call him back in a couple days to see what he found. the Bluetooth was going to be an easy fix just a quick install and the rock chip they would pay for. Great thank you. This went on for a about a week or so with me calling him every couple day to get an update. Well what do you know our 14 day grace period is over we have no seats, no head sets, and no Bluetooth!! the best part, Mr. Manager had stopped communicating and answer me all together. Wow what a slap in the face.

I called a local dealer and asked them if the seats were really not made anymore and I was told that yes they are in fact made and very popular. the dealer ask if her could see my bill of sale so I showed him and he said that we were way over charged by 11000.00+ and were only given a Canadian Value Pack with no add-ons. So I tried to get a hold of the dealer again and you guessed it he was doing some unimportant job that could have been put on hold for 5 mins but still wouldn’t take my call. So I did the next best thing I called a lawyer and I was told to get in touch with AMVIC. Lucky for me that I kept screen shots of all my emails and phone calls cause they asked to see them right away. The lady was appalled at the way I was treated and assured me that they would be gong after the dealer for what I was owed or even to get the Van returned so we could go else were. Ya yesterday was not a good day for me. I was on the phone all morning and completely exhausted. Hope this goes well cause I don’t how much more I can take.